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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Still – it completely destroyed me emotionally, in both bad ways, and good. This book, took my heart with it, on its complete journey! This book, dare I say that I loved it more than Grip?

    I am so in love with Bristol and
    Grip, and I love what you’ve given me with your words.

    My guy and I continue to have discussions about race, and sometimes he has to remind himself who he’s talking to. You see, it’s too easy to get defensive about something so important to you, that you can miss what someone’s actually saying. Miss that you’re actually saying the same thing.

    I may not understand what it’s like to be a bi – racial man in the south, but I understand fear, hate, anger, sadness, betrayal, prejudice, hurt, etc.

    I understand him.

    With society struggling with what it’s struggling with today, your book is not just a love story, It’s so relevant and sensitive, to the struggles our America is facing.

    Maybe, I’m not just looking at this, as just another book among the thousands I’ve read. Maybe it just speaks to me in another level. Maybe this particular love story is just what my heart needed. Whichever way you want to look at it…

    Kennedy, you killed it!

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