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Excerpted from the Soul Series

© 2015 Kennedy Ryan 

“I’ve got control issues.” Rhyson sucks my bottom lip between his like he can’t help himself before he goes on. “I’ll work on ‘em. I swear.”

“Yes, but….” I pull his top lip between mine, sucking and groaning into the contact I’ve missed so much. “We need to—”

“We’re doing what we need to do right now.”

He fuses our lips together, stoking the passion higher with every second we touch. It’s even better than I remember, kissing him. His tongue brushes inside my jaw, over my teeth, licking the roof. Repossessing me with every stroke. I taste his desperation, his regret. I know he must taste my forgiveness because I can’t hold it back. It rushes up to meet him, burning my throat and streaking tears down my face.

“I’m so sorry I hurt you.” His voice wavers as he wets his lips with me tears. “I won’t do it again. I promise. Not like that.”

“I know.” I slide my fingers into the cool, silky hair. “I believe you.”

“I miss you so fucking much, Kai,” he breathes the words over my neck. “I need…I have to…baby…”

He gives up on words, pressing me back onto the soft hay. He dips his nose into the cleft barely visible between my breasts, inhaling.

Pear and cinnamon,” he whispers, continuing down my torso, past my waist. His hands slide the dress up my legs, and I’m already gasping just from his palms caressing behind my knees. His head disappears under my dress. He pushes my panties aside, and his lips close over me. My back arches up, pressing my breasts into the air like an offering. He slides the panties off altogether, pulling my legs over his shoulders. He nibbles at the lips, separating me with his tongue. Spreading his mouth over me as his hands traverse the backs of my thighs to grip my bare butt, pulling me into his hunger.

“This is mine,” he says hotly against the wet flesh. “And I’m yours, Kai. Nothing changes that. Ever. You know that, right?”


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